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About Sarah

Born and raised in Brainard, NY – a small hamlet near the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts – Sarah Kohrs is a talented musician and prolific songwriter. Her thoughtful compositions have a pop flare and bring to mind the work of Joni Mitchell or Stephen Sondheim.

Sarah began singing at the age of four and studying classical piano at seven. Scholarships led her to the Eastman School of Music, where she encountered jazz players who happily introduced her to styles of music she'd never studied. She fell in love with the new styles and soon found herself a regular at Java’s coffeehouse, the local hotspot for improvisational jazz.

After graduating from Eastman, Sarah earned a law degree at Georgetown University Law Center. She moved to Boston where she spent her days working as an attorney and her nights writing and recording pop songs. In 2010, while traveling through Greece, Sarah was infected by a parasite. The parasitic infection was so debilitating that Sarah had to leave her job in Boston and return to her hometown of Brainard. As she recovered, she began working part time at a small law firm in Great Barrington, MA and slowly returned to performing music.

One night while playing at an open-mic session, Sarah met Mark Tuomenoksa, a local musician, arranger and composer who was so impressed by her songs that he believed them to be lesser-known covers of some famous artist, saying, "They're too good to have been written by someone from around here."

The two soon became friends and collaborators, writing, recording and performing together. Since then, Sarah’s catalogue of original songs has grown into the hundreds. Her style has blossomed into something reminiscent of Joni, but with a jazz edge and the country flare of her roots in rural New York. Sarah has performed locally as well as in New York; Asheville, NC; Baton Rouge, LA; and New Orleans.

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